IBM heads for Social Customer Relations Management

Skjermbilde 2013-04-13 kl. 10.20.05It is no secret that IBM is moving from Siebel to SugarCRM these days. The reason for this is IBM’s strategy of becoming a transparent, engaged and nimble Social Business all over the enterprise. SugarCRM integrates heavily with IBM Connections, the open platform for collaboration within Big Blue.

These days, when IBM releases the next version of both their email system (IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition) and the social collaboration platform (IBM Connections 4.5), SugarCRM releases a new and improved version of their new, Version 2 Sugar Connector for IBM Connections. Version 2 includes support for an unprecedented 7 collaboration and content areas – activities, files, updates, forums, bookmarks, blogs and wikis.

SugarCRM has also improved the usability and the user experience and re-built entire sections of the Connector using code contributed by IBM. This version is also compatible with IBM Connections 4.0 and 4.5, and makes CRM users more effective at finding and engaging the experts they need to accelerate sales and provide outstanding service.

Have a look at the new functions: