IDC: The future of email is social

Email is a commodity and does not make your company more lucrative or productive than any other company. That is why companies today has to look for other options to increase productivity and knowledge across the enterprise. The answer is social collaboration and sharing in true time, not with asynchronous email which slows down the organizations productivity. It is many, many years since email was a productivity booster.

Will email ever disappear and die? No. It will be there for many many years ahead. But email will have to improve. Email will have to come in context with your activities. They will have to be a natural part of everything else you are doing and all other ways you are communicating and collaborating. Email will have to become social. If it does not – it will not have a future.

IDC made a report on this matter last year. It is an interesting piece of reading. It says that email will have to melt into the mix of many social collaboration and communication functionalities. Public social media has changed the way we work and do things digitally. And these changes has come to stay. So email has to melt into this and integrate other functionalities.

If you want to read the IDC report – go here!