IBM Connections now integrates external social media!

Skjermbilde 2013-04-30 kl. 11.30.58– So, IBM Connections will give my organization internal social media?, a Norwegian CEO asked me, and went on: – What about external social media? Does it integrate them?

I was pleased to say: – Yes! With some integration work you could integrate almost everything as we use Open Social Standard.

Today I would probably have shown him SnappLinks™ for IBM Connections. SnappLinks gives your users simple point and click tools to add social links to their content, with one-step wizards for adding links to Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Maps and email. In addition to the editing tools, SnappLinks includes an in-place rendering engine for YouTube videos, Google Maps, and Twitter feeds, so your users never have to leave the page to access these rich resources!

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