Lot’s of ILUG’s this year – why not choose Norway this year?

UnknownA lot of IBM Software User Groups are having seminars and meetings all over the world. But if you should choose only one, why not try the Norwegian one this year?

ISBG, the Norwegian shortening for IBM Software User Group is celebrating their 15th jubilee this year. And following the last years traditions they will have the two day conference at the fantastic Spa Resort «Farris Bad» in the small town Larvik in the south of Norway, from 22. – 23. may 2013.

Of course there will be a lot of social celebration, dinners, entertainment and fun, but also a very impressive and professional agenda. Job wise it will really pay off to participate.

If you want more info about the event please send an email to Roger Johannessen, the president of ISBG.

There are lot of good stuff in the agenda for the two days with both main sessions and separate parallel tracks both days. Here are some highlights from the program:

  • From Lotus Notes to IBM’s Platform for Social Business – the journey continues

Michael Wuerdemann, IBM

The Platform for Social Business combines IBM’s major capabilities from Mobile Applications, Business Analytics, Enterprise Content Management and – of course – Collaboration Solutions like IBM Docs, IBM Connections and IBM Notes and Domino to deliver the most comprehensive, sophisticated and integrated workspace in the industry.

  • Day in the Life – of an IBMer

Michael Wuerdemann, IBM

Yes, we all love demos. But wouldn’t it be great to see how IBM Notes Social Edition and IBM Connections with IBM Docs and Content Manager are used in a real world scenario? How to get access to IBM Connections behind a firewall – using an iPad or a Thinkpad?
You will get a sneak peek into IBM’s own deployment of its own software – the naked truth.

  • Prevent Server Sickness Becoming A Pandemic

Gabriella Davis, The Turtle Partnership

Domino is full of ways to help you identify potential problems and possible pitfalls. New features are being added to each release including in Domino 9. Find out why these early reporting tools like DDM, server analysis tools like DCT and Fault Reporting, along with a healthy dose of pro-active management and calm planning can help you get control of your servers and return them to full health.

  • Teamstudio Unplugged

Arshad Khalid, Director of Professional Services – Teamstudio

During this session, we’ll provide an overview of Teamstudio Unplugged, conduct a demo, and cover some of the more technical aspects of this product. Teamstudio Unplugged extends the mobile development technology model by enabling customers to develop corporate applications for mobile devices and provision them offline. Customers have the ability to deploy template or custom IBM® Domino™ applications offline, securely, with the ability to synchronize or “replicate” on demand wirelessly. Users have access to all application data and full functionality anytime, anywhere. Applications are customizable and can take advantage of cool features like camera support.

  • The Other Face Of Domino, Configuring and Securing Your Web Server

Gabriella Davis, The Turtle Partnership

Domino’s HTTP service is used for multiple purposes; for iNotes, for applications, and for Traveler. In this session we will help you understand how to configure HTTP for each, how to monitor HTTP for performance bottlenecks and most of all how to secure HTTP to ensure you only let in the people and traffic you want. How should you design your server security? What benefit are internet  site documents? Can you use a self certified SSL certificate, or even none at all?  In this session we will answer all of those questions and tell you the top 5 things you should never. ever. do.

  • As easy as LEGO – Put it all together using a widget framework

Henrik Winkel, Partner, Opus Neo

This session describes a way to present information from various sources like Domino Apps., RSS feeds, blogs, video and Connections in a unified and dynamic interface. Get behind the scenes of the widget framework and see how widgets are constructed, how to get the data, how all this gets installed and how different data sources can interact with each other. Get some inspiration on how to use widgets in browsers, Notes clients and mobile devices through different business cases.

  • Back to the Future: Understand and Optimize your IBM Notes and Domino Infrastructure

Daniel Reimann, Panagenda

Christoph Adler, Panagenda

We all know that “knowledge is power”, but how realistic is aiming for transparency in our own IT environments? The interaction between clients, servers, applications and users is often difficult to analyze, much less quantify.
Come join Daniel Reimann and Christoph Adler to take a look at the history of your infrastructure and prepare you for future projects such as consolidations or infrastructure additions (e.g. IBM Connections). We will show you how and why you should be looking at your infrastructure as a whole, rather than individual technology silos. Find out where the hidden challenges of your IBM Notes/Domino environment are, what impact they have on your network and how you can fix it!
A bolt of lightning for your DeLore…erm…infrastructure!

  • An introduction to working with the Activity Stream

Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg, Chief Technology Officer – Intravision

The future of business is social and the activity stream is the way events and messages are communicated in the social business. In this session you’ll learn all there is to know about the activity stream including exactly what it is and how to interact with it using your favorite development environment whether that be JavaScript, XPages, Java or even the plain vanilla HTTP based REST API. This session is for you if you want to start working the Activity Stream.

  • Planning and Designing For Your First Connections Install

Gabriella Davis, The Turtle Partnership

Are you loving the social business revolution but intimidated by the moving parts? Do you spend time on Greenhouse but wonder how it all works? Do you want to install IBM Connections but don’t know where to start? What servers, software and even training do you need and what should you watch out for. We’ll explain how the moving parts in IBM Connections fit together and help you find answers to these questions and more. Get started on delivering the next generation of collaboration software.

  • A Performance Boost for your IBM Lotus Notes Client

Daniel Reimann, Panagenda

Christoph Adler, Panagenda

Would your users like their Lotus Notes client to perform faster? Do some applications and clients seem to load slowly? Come join Daniel Reimann and Christoph Adler and learn where to look to find out what’s wrong – and resolve it. Find out how to debug your client, deal with outdated ODS’, network latency and application performance issues and more importantly understand why you should care. Gather best practices on how to streamline location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is so important. Improve your IBM Lotus Notes client installations to provide a better experience for happier administration AND happier end users!

  • Bring the app to your users – Develop Widgets for IBM Connections

Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg, Chief Technology Officer – Intravision

Widgets are an easy way to extend IBM Connections and make your custom applications social. Within IBM Connections you’ll find a powerful widget framework that allows you access to the currently logged in user and the environment in which the widget is placed. This session will teach you the skills you need to develop widgets for IBM Connections and hit the ground running when you get back to the office.

Most presentations will be in English, but there will also be a few presentations in Norwegian. Here are some:

  • ProjExec – Erfaringer med sosial prosjektstyring

Kurt Arild Larsen, Daglig leder/Manager 3ESS Konsulentselskap AS

Kurt Arild deler erfaringene med innføring av ProjExec hos både private og offentlige kunder i Norge med oss. To større implementasjoner som omtales er på IBM Connections og en hos en mindre bedrift er på IBM SmartCloud. Benytt muligheten til å få med deg hvilke utfordringer igangkjøringen gir, hva som er opplæringsbehov og hvordan engasjement og motivasjon er her i forhold til ved “tradisjonell prosjektstyring”. Helt til slutt vil du også få høre litt om den aller nyeste versjonen av ProjExec og hva som er veien videre med dette prisbelønte produktet.

  • Effektiv informasjonsflyt med IBM Connections og CMS

Erik Borse, Item Consulting

Amund Sjøbrend, Alere

Alere, tidligere Axis-Shield PoC, utvikler, produserer og selger medisinsk laboratorietutstyr og trengte en god måte å distribuere informasjon på ut til sitt marked. Ved å kombinere IBM Connections og Enonic CMS har de fått en ekstranett løsning for kommunikasjon mot 300 distributører i hele verden. IBM Connections brukes som kunnskapssystem med hundrevis av dokumenter publisert  ut mot distributører via Enonic CMS. IBM Connections gir Alere mulighet for smidig publisering rett fra arbeidsflate og mail mens Enonic CMS gir enkelt muligheten til å publisere dette videre til markedet og kombinerer dette med vanlig webside innhold.

  • Javel, så har vi besluttet åbli en Social Business. Men hva så?

Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen,

Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist, IBM

Hjelp! Vi har installert IBM Connections og ønsker å bli en Social Business. Hva gjør vi nå? Er det bare åinstallere og la brukerne sette i gang? Fullt så enkelt er det nok ikke. Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen fra IBM har arbeidet med innføring av Social Business i norske selskaper som Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skispsrederi og TV 2. I dette foredraget tar han oss gjennom prosessen som skal til for å oppnå et vellykket prosjekt.