My best friend’s first birthday! And how he teaches me social business and collaboration!

Charlie 1 År!My best friend, Charlie, turned one year the other day! He celebrated his first birthday wearing a crown and eating a fish cake!

So what has this to do on a blog that is all about Social Business, Collaboration and Productivity? I’ll tell you; It has got everything to do with it. Because a dog may teach you a lot, not only about dogs and their behavior, but also about yourself. And a lot about how to collaborate by understanding each others needs, and helping each other to succeed in our daily life.

To give you some ideas: Charlie has taught me that forcing him to come with me on our daily walks does not motivate him. Dragging him after me by the leach does not work. We both get irritated. But if I use my own positive energy by being calm and determined and just lead the way – he follows me waiving his tail as he was saying: I like your style. I like the calm and the coolness you show me. You make me feel comfortable and safe. I will follow you!

Charlie also has this god given gift that he understand when you need to be comforted and groomed. He has this special gift of showing empathy. He was not more than six months old the first time I observed this. Our 12 year old cat had got hit by a car and run away into the forest. Late in the evening he came home, weak, bloody and looking really bad. We did not believe he would survive the night.

Charlie, who usually picked a friendly and playful “fight” with him, lay down beside him and started to lick his big cat brother. IT became one of those turning moments in my life, observing how a dog and a cat could show this love for each other and care for each other.

And when Charlie and I have our walks in the rough woods, walking for hours, we have this fantastic collaboration without words. He always seem to understand in what direction I want to go, when I need a break, and finds the best paths through the wilderness. We communicate without words, just looking at each other reading each others body language or feeling each others energy.

So, what has this to do with social business and collaboration? Everything. Charlie teaches me how to communicate smoother, faster and more pervasive without using harsh words. By using himself as an example he shows me how to navigate through the wilderness. And he teaches me how to do it the same way. By being calm and submissive when needed, and by being calm and decisive when needed.

Charlie came to me when he was only seven weeks old. Now he has just passed his 12 months on mother earth. He is coaching me through the greatest master class of all – teaching me more about myself – bringing me the calm and maturity I never got before through my soon 63 years on mother earth.

Charlie is teaching me how we could transfer his way of communicating, collaborating and sharing good feelings from a dogs life and into our daily work and our daily family life. He show us how he smells what is ahead and make decisions based on prognosis, adapt to the terrain, sometimes being ahead of his collaborator (me) and sometimes behind. And he is doing it with smoothness, with passion, with respect and love.

He is continuously collaborating without words, he brings other dogs, cats and humans into the pack. He respects, love and defend his pack leader – if the pack leader does the same towards him. If he was a human he would be a great boss! He is really showing me what social leadership and collaboration is all about!

Thank You Charlie, You’re the King!