Why I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore…

My Pebble has been a disappointment!
My Pebble has been a disappointment!

I was a Pebble enthusiast. I even invested in two of them, one for myself and one for my son. And as a Kickstart supporter I was a fanboy. Yes, I say WAS.

I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore. And I will tell you why.

First – it is very unstable. Leave the iPhone in another room and they both loose their Bluetooth connection. Come back to the same room and you have to reset the connection manually. Nothing happens automatically.

Second – it looses connection even when 10 cm distance between the Pebble and the iPhone. At this very moment I have set up the connection again – and it comes and goes, comes and goes. So it does not please me – it irritates me.

Third – there is not much I can do with the Pebble else than change between a few watch faces. I do get a warning when someone calls me. Text messages also. Mail I don’t want on my wrist – I get too many of them as it is and there is no way I can respond to them from my Pebble.

Fourth – I have tried to set up my calendar warnings and to-do list on the Pebble, but it does not work. There has come a new app for training and running. But I already have a better solution for that with my Garmin GPS watch.

So, dear Pebble, I gave it a chance. I will now hide it in my drawer with other remains of unsuccessful gadgets. I’ll go back to using my old fashioned classical watch and wait for a better alternative.

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