Why I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore…

My Pebble has been a disappointment!
My Pebble has been a disappointment!

I was a Pebble enthusiast. I even invested in two of them, one for myself and one for my son. And as a Kickstart supporter I was a fanboy. Yes, I say WAS.

I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore. And I will tell you why.

First – it is very unstable. Leave the iPhone in another room and they both loose their Bluetooth connection. Come back to the same room and you have to reset the connection manually. Nothing happens automatically.

Second – it looses connection even when 10 cm distance between the Pebble and the iPhone. At this very moment I have set up the connection again – and it comes and goes, comes and goes. So it does not please me – it irritates me.

Third – there is not much I can do with the Pebble else than change between a few watch faces. I do get a warning when someone calls me. Text messages also. Mail I don’t want on my wrist – I get too many of them as it is and there is no way I can respond to them from my Pebble.

Fourth – I have tried to set up my calendar warnings and to-do list on the Pebble, but it does not work. There has come a new app for training and running. But I already have a better solution for that with my Garmin GPS watch.

So, dear Pebble, I gave it a chance. I will now hide it in my drawer with other remains of unsuccessful gadgets. I’ll go back to using my old fashioned classical watch and wait for a better alternative.


  1. Arnie that is to bad that it did not live up to your expectation. You would wonder with the kinda $ they got for this product that it would be staple and functional. Did you contact them about this ?


    1. The reason for disconnecting when distance between the two Bluetooth devices are too big lies in the Bluetooth technology, not in the devices itself. The reason for not automatically reconnecting, lies in iOS, not in the Pebble as I understand Pebble’s knowledge bases. They are working on that together with Apple.

      But the main reason for not being a big fanboy anymore, is the fact that the watch does not seem to give me the added value and higher productivity that I thought it would do. What is the value of being able to read email without being able to respond promptly from the same device? What is the value when it does not alarm me with todo’s from my preferred ToDo app 2Do or my preferred calendar in IBM Notes? The “who is calling” alarm is great, but not enough to give me the added value.

      So, for the time being, I will put it in my drawer and await the further developments. There is always a second chance!


  2. There is something to be said about a nice analog watch that only tells time 😉
    Old school for sure, but it does what it’s supposed to do, and nothing more. Sometimes simple is good.

    As for the fact that all the big are now desperatly trying design smart wrist watches, I think they will flunk, not because they won’t be good, but mostly because there is no real need. A phone has a great form-factor, you can leave it out of the way, at home if you don’t want to be bothered, and it is easy to handle when you need to use it.
    A watch is strapped to your wrist, it is stuck, and I can’t imagine myself using it for anything, certainly not something that needs 2 hands.
    I have more belief in what Google is doing with it’s Glass technology, but I suspect they are too early, it will still be many years until most people will see a benefit from it, and it has scary consequences for our privacy.


  3. I will tell you why I like my Pebble, and use it every day.

    I would like to mention the battery life. With the software update a few weeks back, its battry life was extended significantly (although not yet at 7 days as indicated from Pebble during their Kickstarter campaign). The initial battery life of ca 1 day was terrible, but the watch now goes on for days before requiring a charge. I now find its battery life acceptable.

    Further, I would like to mention my killer application of the Pebble: I use it for silently alarming me that my phone is ringing or that a text message was received – I never use the ring tone on my iPhone anymore. I have become much less stressed about my phone: I never miss calls anymore due to a noisy environment. I can keep the phone in the pocket of my jacket and only bring it out if I get a call which needs my attention. I can answer the call before I actually manage to get the phone from my pocket.

    I can leave my phone in the kitchen, charging, and be out of the room and still see who calls me. I can read any text that arrives. I can decide whether to answer the call, and then answer the call remotely by the push of a button before it is redirected to my voicemail. Hence I no longer get stressed by listening to my phone ringing, having to run to my phone to see who was calling. The info is now right there, on my wrist. I can read text messages that arrive, and decide if It is urgent to reply to the text or not. If yes, I can reach for my phone and reply immediately. If no, I can continue what I was doing, practically uninterrupted.

    I can leave my phone in my jacket or in its charging place, thus avoid to use the phone too much and too often like I had a habit of doing.

    I use my Pebble to control playing of music from any music app on my iPhone, for example during my daily hour-long commute by train and metro. My phone stays in my pocket, and I keep track of songs and artists as well as any calls or texts that may arrive during my commute. My wife now is guaranteed to reach me even when I am half asleep on the train – she usually couldn’t reach me before I started using my Pebble.

    Last but not least I use the alarm of the Pebble to wake up, remember something (buying that milk on the way home), etc. I find it quite useful, and handier than using the alarm of my IPhone.

    It really bends time-space nicely for me, and I like it for that.


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