How to sell more using Social CRM

– CRM needs another dimension, says Mr. Ahlert Hysing, a commentator in the Norwegian IT-newspaper Computerworld. Customer Relationship Management systems was originally made to track sales processes from the sales managers point of view, he claims. And he is right. What he misses is CRM that facilitates the sales process for both the sales person and the customer. And he is right.

But where he misses is when he says that sales representatives today has to use external social media and email only to communicate and collaborate with the customer – and not integrated with the traditional CRM tracking system. This is where he is wrong and not updated. Today there are such solutions available on the market, secure and social, especially made for the enterprise. Both as on site and cloud solutions.

One of them is SugarCRM and IBM Connections. This is a seamless integration of top of the class CRM-functionalities and marketing leading social functionalities for the enterprise. IBM Connections is named as the market leader within Social Collaboration for the Enterprise for the fourth year in a row by IDC. And SugarCRM has been a well renowned cloud based CRM system for years. Also Norwegian customers use these cloud solutions with great success. And it is no secret that IBM now is exchanging their Siebel CRM solution with SugarCRM due to it’s superb integration with the company’s Social Enterprise Collaboration Platform – IBM Connections.

So, have a look at how sales persons now can collaborate directly with the customer using SugarCRM and IBM Connections. Check out the video!