We are moving from email to activity streams!

Skjermbilde 2013-05-29 kl. 18.23.05– However tired we are of the expression “social,” there’s no doubt that people these days expect to have the same social possibilities at work that they have on their computers, mobiles and pads.

We are moving away from emails to activity streams. The latter won’t replace email, but a lot of the unnecessary emails you receive can be replaced with activity streams. However, it’s important to note that the activity stream is not an inbox. As things are pushed down in the stream, they will eventually disappear.

This and a lot more stuff from ISBG – the Norwegian IBM Social Software User Group’s Jubilee Event in the town of Larvik in the south of Norway – you will find, in english, on the Delicate blog. The blogger calls himself The Domino Elf aka elfworld. Now he has also opened a blog in english and brings tips and technical stuff about Domino, Notes and social computing.

Here is day 1 and here is day 2 .

2 thoughts on “We are moving from email to activity streams!

  1. The Activity Stream is a very double edged sword – at least in its current state. Information that flows by (river of news anyone?) can trigger a number of reactions: ignore it, lift one brow and forget it, provide a quick comment (all this works today) or consider to keep or act on the information provided. Here the tools dealing with the river are inadequate, so there is room for improvement – and a dire need of it.
    We work because we action, the river of news isn’t very actionable.


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