WOW – an IBM ad!

Skjermbilde 2013-05-29 kl. 13.09.02Believe it or not, IBM do advertising, though it might not be in your country. And when they do it, they do branding – not so many product ads – if ever.

The other day IBM published a great ad regarding rethinking how work really works. And that is what Social Business is all about. It is about rethinking how we do business, how we do what we do – to do it better.

The ad (click the picture) that was printed in The Wall Street Journal is a great ad! It presents examples on companies that have done a remake of their strategies and the way they work. They have become true social businesses.

Through alle the years I have been working with IBM’s earlier Lotus-brand I have heard unstoppable complaints from both business partners and customers:

– You have the most excellent products and solutions in the market when it comes to collaboration! Why don’t you advertise them. Why do you keep them so secret?

Well, IBM’s policy has been, as I understand it, to market the company and the brand, rather than each product per se. And this strategy has helped IBM become the worlds third most valuable brand, just behind Apple and Google.

Microsoft do ads for products – and they are only on the seventh place regarding brand value.

Anyhow – maybe IBM themselves should rethink how work works, and rethink marketing to achieve even greater success?

What is your opinion? Feel free to comment!