How to recharge your iPhone in the wilderness without electricity!

Skjermbilde 2013-04-15 kl. 09.16.33Are you one of those crazy ones who like to sleep outdoors, no matter where, what time of year or how far it is from civilization? With as little equipment as possible? But you cannot be without your iPhone? Here is the gadget you need!

My son Jonas, just like myself, loves to be out in the rough, equipped with as little stuff as possible. Even without a map, without a compass or GPS, navigating by reading the nature. A good knife, good clothes, good shoes, dried  and compacted food, a ultra small but warm sleeping bag and maybe an ultra light and watertight windshield and – maybe – a gas burner. That is the only things we need to survive.

But, hey! We are modern guys. We are gadget freaks. We always make sure we have the latest. But this one we don’t have – yet!

A gas burner from BioLite to boil water and cook food, ok, we have that (except ours are from Primus). But a gas burner that also recharges the battery of your iPhone – that is really a new one – and maybe a must have?

Read more about the gadget here! It’s a great invention!