The book is here: Doing Business with IBM Connections!

Michael Sampson’s latest book will be well worth the waiting time. I ordered my copy already when Michael started writing the book!

At last! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for days and weeks. I have been looking forward to it for months, all the time since I first time heard that Michael Sampson had a new book on Social Business in work.

And now, finally, it is here. Today, and I opened the package that has been traveling all the way from New Zealand to Norway, just a few minutes ago.

I will start reading today and finish it in a couple of days while I am on a business trip for the rest of the week. Then I will bring my review of the book here on my blog. So now I really have something to look forward to. I read Michael’s first two books “User Adoption Strategies” and “Collaboration Roadmap”. They were both excellent. And I am glad to admit that “User Adoption Strategies” has been my “Social Business Bible” for a lot of customer situations in my work as a Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM in the Nordics.

Off course, I got the very first copy that was sold!

Now, the new book “Doing Business with IBM Connections” will help me get even further in knowledge and skills on how I can help customers become better businesses and increase their productivity, their sharing of skills and knowledge. I hope this book will be my “Cream Topping on the Cake”!