Competitor tried to stop new book about IBM Connections!

This is the book that a competitor of IBM tried to stop by buying off the writer.

As a Collaboration Strategist, well renowned writer, business consultant and specialist on adoption of social business technologies in companies and organizations, Michael Sampson travels around the world helping organizations make collaboration work.

When Michael Sampson started his latest book project – Doing Business With IBM Connections 4.5 – he was offered money by one of IBM’s competitor to lay down the project and not publish the book. Here is what Michael Sampson writes about this in the foreword of the book:

« Finally, this is the first book for which I have been offered money to not finish writing the book. That is, to stop writing it and receive a payout. Receiving that offer from one of IBM’s competitors – who reasoned that the lack of this book would hurt IBM’s prospects in the market – was «interesting». I have heard about such underhand tactics in this market space before, but never been directly on the receiving end of them. I guess you can figure out I declined the offer since the book is here. I do hope this book makes a positive contribution to organizations using IBM Connections, as well as to organizations using products from both IBM and the unnamed competitor».

This is not the first book Michael Sampson has written. He is a specialist on adoption of both Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Connections and has written many books on the matter:

  • User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology
  • SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration
  • Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways
  • Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology – Now What?
  • Doing Business with IBM Connections: Opportunities for Improving Processes, Driving Results, and Achieving Great Outcomes with IBM Connections 4.4

Being a collaboration and social business evangelist and advisor myself, I have quite a good idea on who this competitor is. And I guess my readers do too!

The book is well worth reading and is full of smart ideas and practical examples on how you can make your employees and organization in total more productive, more engaged and more competitive. I will come back with a more detailed review of the book in a later blog post – it takes a while to digest all the good stuff.

I am so glad Michael Sampson had the guts and the ethics to say NO to the IBM competitor that wanted to buy him off. And I wish all my readers go ahead and order the book just to show that freedom of speech is not for sale!

Buy the book here! 

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