Help! I am losing weight thanks to my iPad Mini!

Yes, I admit it. I am trying to lose some weight. No, I am not talking about my body or my appearance. Though it would certainly be nice to lose 5 – 7 kilo’s.

I am talking about the weight I am carrying when I travel and run from meeting to meeting.

In an earlier profession as a photo reporter for Norwegian weekly’s I carried at least three cameras and five lenses plus lots of other equipment in a canvas bag over my shoulder. And I brought them with me all over the world. In and out of airplanes, taxis, buses, trains and even on bikes!

And as if that was not enough I brought a typewriter – a Remington Steele – and yes, it was made of hard, heavy steel. It ended up dead in a garbage bin in Arusha, Tanzania in Africa.

All those years as a heavy weight running champion gave me a back that troubles me now and then later in life. And running around for 15 years with an IBM machine gun – as I call the big and heavy ThinkPad’s we used to bring wherever we went – did not make it easier.

That is the reason I changed to Apple again. So now I use a tiny MacBook Air as my travel companion. And I also had an iPad first generation, an iPad 2 and some iPhones. But even that load is not light enough. That is why I now got an iPad Mini and re circulated the iPad 2 to one of my daughters. The kids and my wife inherit all my stuff when I get tired of them.

So now I am experimenting with using the new iPad Mini only when on travel and in meetings. So far I have used both iPads and the MacBook Air on travel and the iMac at my home office. By using the iPad heavily I have been able to do more or less 75 % of my work on the iPad. Only when doing demonstrations I have had to use the MacBook Air.

The good thing is I am working for IBM which is way ahead of others regarding social business and mobility. Apple’s appstore is full of free apps from IBM that make it possible for me to work from more or less any handheld device, no matter where I am.

For internal social collaboration with my colleagues around the world, I use the IBM Connections app. That gives me access to all my colleagues, all my projects, all my documents, all my activities, all my blogs, all my wiki’s – and of course all of those that colleagues share with me. And it gives me full control of versions, who downloaded what and when, who got access and so on. And it helps me to find the internal experts that can help me with any issue or problem I tumble upon.

I also have the IBM Sametime app, that gives me access and possibility to see who is online and chat with them. I even have an IBM Softphone that I use to call conferences, colleagues and customers from my device. And IBM Call In which is an app that tracks all meetings and web conferences and call them up when due.

I certainly have IBM Notes Traveler, which makes it possible for me to get, send, read and write encrypted email using the standard Apple email app. And off course it syncs the calendar too.

Fort web meetings I have two different apps – Meeting and IBM Meetings – one for internal web conferences and one for open web conferences in IBM SmartCloud for SocialBusiness where I collaborate with external partners and clients.

And, off course again, the IBM Notes To Do app where I keep track of all my activities! And there are a lot more apps that I use for internal skill building, demonstrations and so on.

Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot that I also have an IBM Symphony app that makes it possible for me to read Open Office documents!

So, you see – I really don’t have to use a heavy PC or MacBook to get my job done – except when I need to demonstrate some software that does not run on a handheld device!

As a scout in my boyhood – and as a professional soldier in the Norwegian army for some years – I have learned to appreciate to travel as light as possible. To be minimalistic regarding luggage and equipment. It is this philosophy, or principle, I try to pick up again. For my well-being, for my health and for the fun of it.

My goal is to do 90 % of my daily work from my tiny and feather like weighted little colleague called iPad Mini!

So, enough said. This blog post was written on my iPad Mini, using Page and the integrated keyboard.

Any viewpoints? Any experiences? Any ideas? Share!

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