Are Apple devices taking over as email readers?

Skjermbilde 2013-06-13 kl. 09.20.32Is Apple devices taking over as email readers? What email client does people really use to read their email?

I sent out an email to 244 recipients the other day. So far 76 has opened it and read it. But the real interesting thing is how many of them use what client to read their email. Microsoft say they rule the world of email clients. Maybe true. But my reporting system tell me that they do not rule as big as believed. And, what really surprises me is that so few have upgraded their MS Outlook to the latest version.

Now – the reporting system can not be fully trusted as lots of email servers don’t send out any information on what email clients they serve. As you can see from the picture there is no report of IBM Notes users, even though I know for a fact that more than 50 percent  of those recipients of my mail use IBM Notes. Maybe it’s because IBM Notes is so secure?

What is interesting is that more and more email users use their handheld devices to read email!

So, what do you do? Read on a handheld and write on a keyboard? Share your thoughts and opinions!