Danish company dropped Office 365 for IBM SmartCloud

Langhoff Promotion dropped MS Office 365 and chose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.
Langhoff Promotion dropped MS Office 365 and chose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

The danish company Langhoff Promotion threw MS Office 365 in the garbage bin and chose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

One of the reasons for quitting MS Office 365 was that their employees «drowned» in all the functionalities. Langhoff Promotion tested MS Office 365 for a while, but the test group was not satisfied with the solution, according to Søren Langhoff, the company’s CEO.

Langhoff Promotion has 40 employees situated in Denmark and Philippines. They wanted to connect their employees and customers in virtual communities where all communication centers around activities, not on person to person communication.

– We are a small but very complex company. We cooperate with other companies and customers across borders and time zones in 25 countries, says CEO Søren Langhoff to Computerworld Denmark.

– It is difficult to create a common understanding while working remote and dispersed. That is why we wanted a solution that connected people in a better way than email. A social collaboration tool creates transparency and visibility, which is a must for innovation and knowledge sharing across borders and work responsibilities.

The group that tested MS Office 365 had 10 members that tested the system heavily. But they did not find it intuitive or user friendly. They also had to use time to guide new users through all the functionalities even though they did not have time for IT-support.

– Last, but not least, we were unsure of the security and the sharing of documents and files. Who had access to what?

According to the CEO, the solution had to have some of the cloud and office functions that Office 365 had, but be much more intuitive and user friendly.

It was extremely important that the solution could be used both internally and externally, so information, activities and tracking of projects could be shared both with customers and partners.

– All tasks and communications related to a project is now collected in a community where both we and the customer have access. That way we have all project history in one central place and not in isolated emails on a local computer, says Langhoff.

After a short test period, Langhoff Promotion moved both data and communication from MS Office 365 to IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

– It really fills our needs! Our employees, no matter what age, love this new way of working in this social collaboration tool. We do not throw away the email system, but the most important is that our employees understand the value of focusing on the tasks!

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