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Being social is being part of the pack!

After today’s social business workshop with a danish prospective client on IBM Connections, we talked a lot about what social really means. I told them how we in IBM use our social collaboration system to adopt new companies we bought and integrate their employees into our culture.

As an example I used the famous dog trainer Cesar Millan who is my shining star when I train my own dog, Charlie. He introduces the new dog to the pack of dogs he already has and leave it to the pack to adopt the new guy and show him how things work. Like we introduce our newbies into our social culture in IBM Connections where the IBM pack show by example how we IBM’ers are.

Then one of the guys from the client left the room for a minute and came back with this:

The Wolf Credo

 Respect the elders

Teach the Young

Co-operate with the pack

Play when you can

Hunt when you must

Rest in between

Share your affections

Voice your feelings

Leave your mark


That verse really made my day and touched my soul. That verse tells me what being social and doing social business is all about! Let us all be part of that pack! 

2 thoughts on “Being social is being part of the pack!

  1. Interesting, Arne.

    How many Cesars do you think there are in human leadership – and what is your point of view on how these Cesars and the packs are leading and practicing modern, smart and open social collaboration today?


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