Analysts: New versions of IBM Notes and Domino show Microsoft the way forward!

IBM Notes 9.0 Social Editions is a lot more than email and calender only.
IBM Notes 9.0 Social Editions is a lot more than email and calender only.

The title of this blog post is not mine. It is a quote from a report published by the OVUM analyst, Richard Evans. Ovum «likes» what IBM is doing with its social business software.

Also Angela Ashenden, analyst at MWD Advisors, likes what she see in IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition. Under the title «Notes 9.0 Social Edition – Te Ugly Duck Finally Blossoms» she writes that «with the latest release of its long-standing email client, Notes, IBM marks the fulfilment of its Project Vulcan strategy, revealing a slick, modern user interface that embraces social collaboration and comes into line with the rest of the company’s collaboration portfolio».

She writes that the inbox now appears much more like an activity feed than a traditional email inbox and leverages profile data from Connections in the business cards you see when hovering over someone’s name in a message. It is now possible to see people’s current status update, as well as following their activities.

Angela Ashenden also point out that one of the most interesting new features is the embedded experiences, which takes advantage of the OpenSocial standard to enable messages to become containers for actionable gadgets. With an impressive 17.000 + customers signed up already at the beta level, IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition has had a very promising start.

Richard Evans from Ovum points out that IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition will complete the social messaging bridge to IBM’s social collaboration platform, IBM Connections. Ovum believes this is essential to drive social business, increase operational efficiency and improve organizational thinking and learning.

He also says that in contrast, Microsoft Outlook 2013 still offers only minimal integration with Microsoft SharePoint, and with no release date announced for social messaging bridge between Outlook and Yammer, Microsoft is the company that now appears to be behind the innovation curve.

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