See how easily you make your email social!

Skjermbilde 2013-07-07 kl. 08.27.48This video demonstration of Widgets and Live Text in IBM Notes 9.0 and IBM iNotes 9.0 (the web client) is a must see for all of you who does not understand what social email is! It shows how easily you integrate social functions in you email inbox to make you more productive and get an easier work day! 

Widget and LiveText technology allows users to automatically recognize patterns of data in emails and any unstructured text. Widgets then provides a set of custom defined actions, linking to existing web applications, pulling down an RSS feed, opening a gadget to get a map or a stock quote. The number of options are unlimited. The ability to build Widgets and Live Text is unlimited, and only requires using a simple wizard and at the most writing a regular expression for data recognition.

See the video here!


  1. This of course leads to the comments on how email is social already and adding a stock quote doesnt expand that or make it any more social.


    1. Well, writing a letter to your grand mother, put it in an envelope, stick on a stamp and put it in a mailbox is kind of social too. But using email only does that faster, saves the paper, but also cost the price of a stamp in form of license and access.

      Email does not make you much more productive, only faster.

      But if you can use your email client to act and interact immediately with other employees, external collaborators and even family, that makes you more productive. Because there are so many other ways to collaborate than email only. It is the two way dialogues that creates the value, and they are more valuable if they are faster than email.

      Real social is when you respond directly and stay in the Now! Like when you are having a conversation face to face with a friend. The instant response is what shortens the time to a solution for a problem.

      And so also with social email. If you, in your email client, are able to instantly respond in true time, instantly do a task, instantly access an application, instantly find the information you need to solve a problem – then you are becoming far more productive than only working via email.


  2. What they don’t mention is that it’s a b#$@& to setup and get running. We’re going on a month now of the 4.5 “upgrade” and “Embedded Experiences”, ya it’s an experience alright. I thought Sametime was a bugger to setup, Connections has it beat hands down! Their slogan should be “Get Social, Good Luck with That!”


    1. Well, this is not like installing new apps on the iPad. Who has ever experienced a software installment or upgrade totally without issues? If someone promises that, it’s simply too good to be true…


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