Test IBM’s social software in real life – and for free!

Skjermbilde 2013-07-07 kl. 13.04.03Not updated on IBM’s plattform for professional social collaboration? Still believing that «Lotus Notes» is old fashioned and with a boring user interface? Then you should update yourself and – with an open mind – kill your old myths to understand that tomorrows solutions already are here!

IBM has a special web page for you where you can watch a demo of the different solutions and also try and play with them for free.

Here are some of the solutions you can watch and test:

  • IBM Platform for Social Business
  • IBM Smarter Commerce & IBM Customer Experience Suite
  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Customer Experience Suite
  • IBM Employee Experience Suite
  • IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
  • IBM Notes and Domino
  • IBM Forms

You find all the demo’s here! From the same web page you can sign in to Greenhouse which is the playground for testing all the solutions in real life!