Where is the business case in changing email system?

Skjermbilde 2013-07-08 kl. 14.32.52– I hate Lotus Notes! Heard it before? I have. But mostly these discussions are based on feelings and not updated facts and good research and consequence analysis.

When evaluating your email system the most important question to ask is “What do we want/need” and not “What do we not want/need”. Why? Because what you already got may simply be the best solution.

And, maybe you should not see email as a separate solution, but as part of your total communications and collaboration platform. The right answers to ask are “What tasks do we need to get done?”, “What functionalities do we need to get those tasks done?”, “What will happen with all our information collected through many years if we throw away the solution we already have?”.

These questions you should ask no matter what email system you have. Wether it is the old Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

Below you find a slide deck from Peter Presnell that he shared on LinkedIn. He has a discussion running on the Lotus Professionals group on LinkedIn.

His arguments are quite sharp, some of them may be over the target, but I must admit that I have seen some examples in real life that underscores some of the points he has. Personally I have seen customers moving from old Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, but they still, after 10 years, have and renew their IBM Notes licenses! Why? Because migrating all their databases and applications that runs on Notes clients and Domino servers would be lethal for their business. It costs too much, takes too much time and people use lot’s and lot’s of time to learn a new system. So when productivity gets lower and costs are increasing – where is the business case?

Here is the slide deck. Enjoy and feel welcome to comment!