Fortune 500: Apple on top, IBM second, Microsoft less profitable.

Fortune has published their Fortune 500 list of the worlds leading companies. This is interesting as most of the companies on top of the list are such companies most of us has never heard of.

But what is interesting, to me at least, is to see a comparison of IT companies that is working within the collaboration market and are in he same «league», so to speak. And for me that is companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Google.

Apple is now ranked as the 19. biggest company in the world. IBM ranked as the worlds 62.  biggest company, while Microsoft is ranked as worlds 110. biggest company and Google is ranked 189.

Apples profit is up by 61 % from 2011. IBM’s profit is up 4.7 % since 2011 while Microsoft’s profit is down with 26.7 % in the same period. Google’s profit is up 10,3 %.

IBM had 466.995 employees in the period, while Microsoft had 94.000 employees and Apple had 76.100 employees in the same period. Google had 53.861 employees.

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