Video: IBM Docs with simultaneously editing in real time on an iPad!

You never thought it could be done, but now IBM has done it! Simultaneously document editing in real-time on an iPad! Try that with your Microsoft Office 365!

Last week, Forrester cited IBM as a Leader in their File Sharing and Sync Wave. And when you see this video you will understand why. This function beats everything you have seen to date. This is what we call real mobility and real-time productivity! As Luis Benitez, Social Software Product Manager at IBM, writes in his blog:

Imagine being on the go and being asked to review a document. Why wait until you are back in the office, when you can make quick changes directly from your device?? Just edit and go, and yes, as others throughout the world make changes to the document, you see them in real-time! And since Connections provides document editing, the document never leaves the secure container.