How to engage your employees by doing social polling

Having trouble engaging your employees? There is a fix for that!

People always have opinions on whatever it is. Not only regarding politics, religion, culture, music or anything else. They also have their opinions on what is going on at work, what strategy to follow, what methods to use, what products to focus and so on. So why don’t you use that opinion energy that your employees have to the best of the company?

One way to engage your employees is to do surveys and polls where they may air their opinions and vote for what they think is the best solution. It creates engagement, it creates discussions, it creates creativity – and, it creates energy!

TemboSocial has made a solution that works seamlessly with the worlds leading solution for social enterprise networks, IBM Connections. With this solution, called The Poll, you can engage, inform and deliver relevant content to your online audience within IBM Connections, and drive participants to deeper content and community pages. The Poll consistently maintains high recurring participation rates.

Introduce The Poll to your Connections customers and:

– Match the feature set of competitive solutions
– Tie into existing communications and community building business processes that are at the top of your customers ‘must address’ list