How to motivate employees using IBM Connections and The Hive

Let’s say your company decided to implement social collaboration tools to increase productivity and improve skills and knowledge sharing. That means your employees has to change the way they work. But how do you motivate them?

Change is always difficult. It never happens without persistence and conflict. Changing habits moves people out of their comfort zone and create fear. That is why I always say that technology is only 20 percent of the job when implementing a social and sharing way of working in a fixated company culture. At least 80 percent of the job is all about change, about culture, about people feeling uncomfortable and insecure. Change is all that. But life in itself is all about change. We change every day. Today we are not the same person as yesterday, and tomorrow wqe are not the same person as today.

But to empower people and employees, you need to stimulate them, make them feel comfortable, make them feel secure. And that you can, among other activities, do by using technology to recognise people. Nothing, not even money, is more inspiring and motivating tham recognition.

Her is a video that shows how the application The Hive for IBM Connections 4 from TemboSocial is used integrated in IBM Connections. Really motivating stuff, if you ask me!