Nokia and Microsoft has reinvented the Microphone!

Can two losers really win? That is the question the Norwegian news web asks in a comment after it become known that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s mobile division.

The transaction is said to make Nokia investors pop the champagne corks as they now got rid of their biggest headache for the last decade. The stocks climbed immediately up the value ladder after the news spread.

According to Microsoft had no alternative. They had to my the mobile division or let their mobile business die. What seemed to be a happy and loving marriage at the start now seemed to fall apart. And it did. Microsoft ad to bite into the rotten apple and in fact swallow the whole apple.

Nokia never managed to adapt to the fast moving mobile market which took the speed of a rocket when Apple introduced smart phones and was followed by Google’s Android phones.

Microsoft, who have put all their eggs in the Windows basket, as the only platform they supported both for PC and handhelds, had to see the PC-market fall apart while end-users moved from desktops and laptops to handheld devices.

Microsoft was the king. Microsoft was on the top of the mountain and ruled the world with great success. That became their biggest problem. They did not dare to change and adapt due to the great penetration they had in the market. Success can become your biggest enemy!

Now the question is whether Microsoft did this move too late. Question is if two losers can make one winner.

I doubt it.