1. Arne, I don’t know whether you had input into the making of the video, but if I had to make a suggestion to whomever did, find a way to condense the first minute and 53 seconds into a total of about 15 second and cut to the chase. The scenario is good, and I can imagine a potential customer watching and learning something from it about how social business with IBM tools could work, but I can only guess that a large percentage of viewers drop out during the almost two minutes of fluff intro. I watched because I wanted to see if IBM would actually describe what being a social business was, and if I only watched the first two minutes, I’d give it an F in that regard. If I only watched from 1:54 onward, I’d give it a B+ to A-. We (IBM supporters) have to find a way to pare down the marketing buzzwords and fancy graphics and get to the meat of what social business is and can do. Don’t tell me that this report or that report says it increases productivity (though even that was more useful than some of the rest of the intro), show me how this actually works so I can imagine my employees using it. I hope this is useful feedback. I left it here rather than over on Youtube as I didn’t want to distract from the response there.


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