1500 global networkers chose IBM SmartCloud for Social Business!

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 06.56.01Remember the danish company Langhoff Promotions that threw out Microsoft Office 365 and started using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business? Now their success has spread around the world!

Langhoff Promotions is part of a global network organisation, IPPAG (International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts) which has existed since 1965, operates across 25 countries and has more than 1500 partner employees. Their head quarter is situated in Switzerland.

After the successful implementation and adoption of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business at Langhoff Promotions in Denmark, the global network decided to do the same for all the membership companies.

The IPPAG networks primary focus has since the start been on knowledge sharing among the member companies, campaign sharing and common purchases. That is why the implementation of the solution immediately paid off and created real value to the membership companies. They now use the cloud based collaboration and sharing tools for almost anything – purchasing, marketing and management across the 25 countries.

– The members can now share information and knowledge in true time, says Florence Mosnier, IPPAG’s General Manager.

– We started using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business in january 2013 and already after a few months experienced that the solutions helps improve our communication and gives us a stronger base regarding sharing of information, pricing and campaigns across the countries. The right information is reaching the right people both faster and better than with email and Dropbox, says Florence Mosnier who at a daily basis is the center of all dialogue and coordination between members in the IPPAG network.

Next step for IPPAG is establishing digital communities to help launching new projects and customer activities.

– This will enable us in creating even greater synergies across the countries, create a greater feeling of being one community and make it a lot easier for each employee to get control and overview of the communication related to a task. When someone leaves a member company we don’t lose central information and history.

According to Florence Mosnier each employee in the IPPAG network will be a member of 10 to 15 different digital communities even though they have just one account each.

– Opposite to all other office solutions we know, this is really unique because there is just one user interface, and the software is very intuitive and easy to work with. Even if you are a member of many communities you don’t loose your overview. Of course you always have to get used to a new tool and rethink your work methods, but this solution is very straight forward to work with and it functions a lot better than our old intranet solution!

Even the IPPAG board members from Denmark, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand and Mexico collaborate in their own and management and board community with restricted access. This helps them work tightly together across time zones and share documents, dialogues, discussions and knowledge which helps them make better decisions faster.