Byword keeps my text editing simple

I have fallen in love with Byword – a no nonsense text editor that let you concentrate on the context of what you are writing and trying to communicate, not on fancy functions and formatting tools.

In a way it reminds me of the editing tools I used when I was a journalist using professional editing system for editorial production. No graphing, no fancy stuff, just concentrating on the words.

There are no disturbing menus and typos, just a clean white space, or a totally black screen that occupies the whole screen so you avoid any disturbances from other software!

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 07.36.37

It also has a function that makes it possible to publish directly to your blog, in my case WordPress, but there are many blog systems to choose from.

Byword runs on any Mac’s or handheld Apple devices, be it iPad or iPhone. It saves you documents on iCloud, Dropbox or where else you want to keep them.

So, if you want an easy to use, no nonce, no fancy stuff and concentrate on being a writer and not a document designer, then check out Byword.

I simply love it!