The way you work is changing and you’ll better adapt to it…

I’m not saying email is dead but it is no longer the most effective way to communicate and collaborate with co-workers.  Email today has become a glorified chat messaging program and we all stare at our in-boxes.  If you don’t reply to an email within a few hours people get mad at you, when did this become the norm?  New collaborative technologies make it easier to collaborate, share, find, communicate, and engage with people and information.  There’s no excuse for getting 200 emails a day anymore.

The quotation above is from an article by Jacob Morgan published on It is a great article showing how the way we work is changing and how companies are changing due to new technology and the need to improve both productivity, flexibility and strategy to compete in todays fast changing and global markets.

It is a great read, not only about email, but also on the need for structural and organizational change!



  1. Yep, you are right and it’s exactly the structural and organizational change were it fails.
    The current leaders are not made for this. They still live in the 80’s.
    If you ask around, nobody from top management to the mid level understands the concept. They are happy with email. Took ’em long enough to learn it. Ask how many use tasks. Most haven’t even seen that option.
    Folders are still the main tool to organise the little world they live in.
    Sharing is bad.
    Breaking up the organisation, which served the carreer so good, is bad.
    Loosing control about ideas and what is said, is bad.
    Everything is a direct attack on what they believe in. Controll freaks – and there are many – will never except that.
    Ask Sandy why Connections projects fail. It’s all about the people. Most are just not ready to give up control, because control is the thing that made them what they are. The advantages are just too weak to convince otherwise. They are not clear. They are hard to predict.
    That’s why it will take a long time, until that concept finally wins, if ever.


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