Gartner: Microsoft (and customers) should probably start thinking about getting rid of SharePoint!

– Apparently SharePoint is on its way out and Microsoft should probably start thinking about doing away with it! 

This is according to Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann, who also suggests that companies who rely heavily on SharePoint ought to start start preparing for a cloud-based future.

Mann, who was speaking at the 2013 Gartner Symposium said that about 28 % of companies who use SharePoint use it across their entire workforce. If you only count those companies using it for half their workforce the numbers climbs to around 70 %, he says.

But he also claims that “hardly anybody likes it”! Regarding user experience SharePoint scores low on ease of use, the amount of ongoing management it requires, and the fact that content isn’t easy to migrate between systems, says Gartner’s Jeffrey Mann who think the problem is that SharePoint has become a victim of its own success:

It’s become too big, too complex and too hard to manage and upgrade, especially since in many organisations it’s highly customised. It takes three to five years to develop and test a new version, and then another year or two before most businesses take the plunge and install it. As a result, many people are using versions of SharePoint that are least four years old, says Mann and concludes that customers should either move to the cloud or move out!


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  1. Jeffrey Mann offers no real alternatives or suggestions of merit. Shun him!!


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