Cloud solution helps save children’s lives!

Every year, nearly 7 million children under age 5 die from illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria despite the availability of life-saving medical solutions.

In partnership with IBM, Boston Children’s Hospital recently launched OPENPediatrics, a social learning platform that equips medical personnel to more effectively engage, share knowledge, tap expertise and make better decisions when treating children in life threatening situationsIn its early stages of use, there are over 1,000 doctors and nurses across 74 countries revolutionizing how the healthcare industry works in entirely new ways.

The new Cloud-based technology platform – called OPENPediatrics – equips doctors and nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to save children’s lives during intensive care situations. As the platform grows, content will extend beyond critical care.

Developed in IBM Labs in Cambridge, Mass., OPENPediatrics trains medical professionals using a unique on-demand, interactive, digital and social learning experience, equipping them to perform life-saving procedures and treatments for children who would not otherwise have access to intensive care. The content is supplied by experts at Boston Children’s Hospital and includes seminars from international expert clinicians.

The benefit of Cloud, particularly in under-developed nations, is that it overcomes the need to build a global technology infrastructure in favor of a highly efficient, cost-effective model. IBM has invested more than $4 billion in software acquisitions and organic development to build out its global cloud portfolio, which is based on open standards. By putting OPENPediatrics in the cloud, clinicians are guaranteed to have access to the latest medical information, training modules, best practices, and social interactions between users.

Read the press release from IBM here.