The Pebble is back!

My Pebble is back on my left hands wrist. After giving it a quite low score in an earlier blogpost I have now changed my mind and use my black Pebbe as my daily watch.

So, what did happen? They simply improved the stability of the watch by numerous uprades to the software. The watch now connects automatically when I come back into the room where I have left my iPhone. There are more apps on my iPhone that connects to the Pebble. And those are useful apps.

I have stopped using the email function. Partly because there are too many emails that are nore a disturbance than an effective tool for communication. And partly because there is no way to respond to emails on the watch. Besides, I only read and respond to email once a day to make myself more productive.

But I do read SMS on my watch. Simply because my touch screen in my cars dashboard does not handle email or sms even though it handles my in and out bound calls. But most of all since it is quite some risk picking up the iPhone from the pocket and start typing while driving. No I keep both hands on the steering wheel and just turn my left wrist a little bit to read the incoming sms on my left hand when the watch vibrates.

My standard activity planner Omnifocus (which I use on all my two Mac´s and my handheld devices), now also connects and shows my most important alarms on the wrist watch. I never have to set up new alarms on my watch for i.e. medication time, wake up calls and so on.

I know there are lots and lots of new applications developed for the Pebble, like golf score cards, running time laps and so on, but for that use I have a Garmin GPS watch.

But the Pebble is back on my left wrist!


  1. So I got a pebble too bit unable to synch it with my lotus notes traveller on my android phone. Any ideas here?


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