My TEDx talk: How to do less and get more done!

Is it really possible to get more done by doing less? In my opinion, yes! But to succeed you have to focus, focus and focus!

It is not a question about time management. No one has ever seen nor touched time! So how can you manage something you can’t see or touch? No, it is all about what you do. It’s all about activities and what you prioritize.

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of talking at TEDx Trondheim and here is the video of my speech.

As you will see, the remote control did not function for any of the speakers, so we had to snap our fingers as a signal to a technician to switch pages in the presentation. That made me feel like a man I admire a lot for his ability to focus on the basic instincts; Cesar Millan from my favorite TV-show “The Dog Whisperer”. What he teaches regarding both dogs and people is more or less the same as the theme for TEDx Trondheim; Back To Basic.

And that is what this video really is a bout – getting back to basic – doing things simpler, making our lives simpler and our goals more achievable by focusing and doing only the important things in life.




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