Only IBM can make you do this on an iPad!

There is no doubt! IBM is the world leader of new social inventions. Try to do this with Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 265 on an iPad or an Android tablet. It is just not possible!

Have a look at the video below and you will immediately agree that IBM is ruling the world when it comes to social collaboration tools enabled on mobile platforms. There is no oner vendor in the market that is capable of doing the same things, totally integrated on all OS platforms be it desktop or mobile.

If I were to start a new company I would never buy any software that I had to install on my desktop. I would go for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and get everything I need deliver through my internet cable network. In fact I have already got myself a private account in IBM’s cloud to be ready for take off when I pension myself four years ahead from now.

And just look at the video and see what I will be able to do from my iPad Mini, my iPhone and my two Mac’s. I can run a whole business without using 1 byte of Microsoft code!

But I already do these things, using my own IBM account in the cloud. I run more or less 70 % of my daily work from my iPad Mini, collaborating with colleagues, clients and business partners through the cloud. I share and edit documents, I hold web meetings with presentations and video, I have discussions, I plan and manage activities (both internally and externally) – I even do phone calls using my IBM SoftPhone on my iPad Mini.

And my files are always kept in sync (see FileSync) between all my devices which is being rolled to users this week. IBM has also updated their social collaboration cloud services and the latest monthly release of the IBM Connections mobile apps have been posted to the app stores (click here for iOS and here for Android).


  1. These 2 sentences don’t add up. Make up your mind.

    “totally integrated on ***all*** OS platforms”

    “click here for iOS and here for Android”


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