Quitting Facebook: As easy as stop smoking!

UnknownYes, I have finally left Facebook. And this time it is forever!

Many, many years ago I stopped smoking. From one day to the next day I went from 40 daily Marlboro’s to none. I even stopped smoking cigars. And it was much easier than I have feared.

At my first non-smoking day I did not say “I have stopped smoking” like most people do and that way keep one fort in the history of having been a smoker. What I responded when people offered me a cigarette was:

– No thank you. I don’t smoke!

By saying this I programmed myself as a non smoker, instead of being a former smoker. See the difference? I made it easier for myself. I established a fact, and cut all strings to history.

Now, I have done the same with Facebook! After having tried several times to quit Facebook, struggled with the “Facebook Abstinence” and fallen back into it – I decided to do it the same way I stopped smoking.

So when people ask me if I am on Facebook I don’t tell them I quit Facebook. I just say “No, I am not on Facebook”. And when they ask me why, I just tell them the truth:  That I believe Facebook is as addictive as smoking and not good for my health.

So, what do I mean about that?

Facebook irritates me! There is so much unimportant content there, so much stupid information (bullshit) and so much undercover propaganda and unwanted advertizing that I do not want to stay on Facebook anymore! Sometimes Facebook has made me really angry and depressed. Garbage in – Garbage out! I do not want to pollute my brain!

There are two ways to handle this: Fight or Flight!

I have tried to fight it without success – so to me flight has been the best option. And do you know what? I have not missed it for a second!

I have not even missed following my own children on Facebook. Instead we share pictures of our pets, children and grand children in our closed and private cloud. And we talk on Facetime or on the phone – or in real life. That is a more personal way to communicate!

Also I don’t have to be informed of whatever likes that everybody makes, nor do I have to be informed every time someone I know enters an airplane, eats in a restaurant, got new curtains at home or bullies some politician.

So, I am not on Facebook. Instead I read real books, have real talks, have a real life with real people.

My virtual life is gone. My real life is back! And it feels sooo good!

Now: What about you? Share your story!

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