96 % say change is imperative to become a successful business

– We need to change our culture! A new study from Booz & Company shows that 96 % of respondents think culture change is needed in their organization. 

It is quite interesting to read some of the results from the study:

  • 84 percent of respondents, and 86 percent of C-Suite respondents, believe that their organization’s culture is critical to business success.
  • 60 percent said culture is more important than the company’s strategy or operating model.
  • 96 percent said some form of culture change is needed within their organization.
  • 51 percent believe their organization is in need of a major culture overhaul.
  • 45 percent do not think their culture is being effectively managed.
  • 48 percent do not think they have the capabilities required to deliver lasting change.
  • At 57 percent, skepticism due to past failed efforts was the No. 1 reason for resistance to change.

In my daily job I meet with a lot of C-level managers in all the Nordic countries and they all talk about company culture. Some tell me that they do not have a culture for sharing knowledge. Some say that they are not social. And some say that they do not need to change, as they are already a success.

Well, that is not what their employees say. They tell me that they need to change. They tell me that they need new tools that make it easier for them to collaborate, share information, share competence, act faster and increase their productivity. They want to focus on the important stuff and make it easier and faster to do the routine stuff.

In my mind, constant change is an imperative for any success. If you do not change you are in status quo.

Simply said:

If you do what you always have done, you will get the same results you always got. Which means no growth, no improvement.

In my mind, no change means stagnation and a slow death.

So , how do we change a an old culture?

Let us start by defining culture in itself, and then define our culture.

I think that culture builds up from what we do – our daily actions. The sum of our actions creates our behavior pattern and the sum of all our personal behavior patterns in a group or a company – is the company culture.

So to change the culture we have to change our behavior. We have to start working in a new way. Technology is a great help. Years ago we jumped on a horse if we wanted to visit our neighbors. Then we got a new technology – the automobile – and now we drive to other places. We changed and also got a new culture.

So, to improve productivity, share knowledge and information we need new tools that help us do our work smarter, faster and easier – freeing up time that can be used more productive. Becoming a social business is one of the best ways to change. Giving the employees new and smarter tools, opening up the organization to let ideas, thoughts and knowledge flow freely among the skilled brains – your employees. It will empower and energize the workforce. It will create higher revenue streams, lower cost and improve productivity.