Another Norwegian company chooses IBM Connections over SharePoint

Today, it happend again. Another Norwegian Microsoft customer chose IBM Connections despite the fact that they already have SharePoint.

The reason? SharePoint did not have the functions they believed it to have. It gave them control of their documents. And that was it. But no real collaboration as they belived it to have. And they found that it would take far too much time and money to build such functions on the Microsoft platform.

The customer will still keep their SharePoint so they can use the specialized application that they got developed on the platform. But for the future they will use IBM Connections. And they really have some goodies to look forward to!

Where SharePoint offers content, IBM Connections provides collaboration around the content. Content in itself does not have any business value, but when collaboration is added to the content it creates activities, and activities is what gives a company real business value.

The IBM Connections Suite provides a single offering that organizations can deploy to build a powerful intranet, become more agile and create competitive business value.

The latest version adds many more collaboration features to provide a top notch experience for users. For example, teammates can work together and align on business objectives in real time using instant messaging and web meetings deeply integrated as part of communities.

A rich content library allows members to securely manage their content and use approval routing to track the progress towards the validation of the document.

From ideation, to microblogging, to real-time team collaboration, to document management, the IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 is the most secure and complete collaboration platform out there.

See what you can do with IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1:

Below are some examples of the live actions you get with IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 (IBM Connections Suite includes IBM Connections,IBM Connections Content Manager, and IBM Sametime® Complete.):

IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users-1

IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users-2