Once again a Norwegian company chose IBM Connections

On the 18th of december I blogged about a Norwegian company that chose IBM Connections over Microsoft Sharepoint.

Now it has happend again! This time a Norwegian company in the transportation industry chose IBM Connections to extend their internal collaboration, share knowledge and improve their productivity. They also evaluated Microsoft Office 365.


  1. I would be interested to know what they are using for their office productivity tools: on-premise MSOffice, LibreOffice, etc. Connections is not a substitute for Office365, although there are those that tell you that the parts of Office365 are a substitute for Connections.

    For those of us who love and use Connections, and can’t get our organizations off of MSOffice, we will eventually be forced to use Office365. The licensing for on-premise Office and the pricing are already being rewritten to push organizations in that direction. Eventually, on-premise Office will no longer be available and everyone will be forced into the money-printer that is Office365. So, the question is, how will Connections work with 365 (and not just by pushing activity stream notices back and forth). IBM really needs to address this, otherwise many of us will be forced to adopt the Sharepoint+Yammer Frankenstein, as our CFOs will say that we already have something “good enough” in Office 365 – why pay for Connections, too?

    Your thoughts?


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