Norways largest producer of dairy products launches IBM Connections as their social intranet!

In spring 2014, TINE launches a new, social intranet for all their employees, with IBM Connections as one of the core components. 

TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products.

In june the company will present their project at the Social Connections conference in Prague.

Here you can learn more about TINE’s project with focus on experiences with launching a social intranet; the strategy, the deployment, the technology, the success and the pitfalls, and if all goes well, a live demo of the brand new intranet. The session is mainly non-technical.

Presenters of the project will be Ulf Stider and Per Ejnar Thomsen.

Ulf Stider is Sales manager at Infoware, a collaboration enthusiast with experience from enterprise implementation and integration projects with Domino, Sametime, Portal, Connections, SmartCloud or Tivoli as part of the solution.

Per Ejnar Thomsen is titled an IT business developer / advisor at TINE with former experience as a consultant within the ECM-area. He is a key resource in TINEs intranet team, dedicated to social and enterprise search, product owner of enterprise search and intranet development project manager.

The Social Connections conference is taking place June 16th and 17th. If you want to know more about TINE’s presentation or the rest of the conference program you will find more information here!



  1. 😃 I need to correct you. Tine makes dairy (meieri) products, not diaries (dagbøker).


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