IBM Connections integrates better with Microsoft than Microsoft themselves

– Microsoft Sharepoint and Yammer is the best social software for enterprises. No, it is not me saying this. Not at all. It is people who never bothered to have a deep look at IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. They are claiming this based on pure lack of knowledge.

They should really take a look at the video below and see how perfectly IBM Connections integrates with the whole Microsoft stack – even if they are Microsoft stuck.

Still SharePoint and Yammer are two silos that hardly integrate anything. And still they both miss a lot of social functionality which really should be the meaning of social software.

So here is what to do: Place the competitors besides each other: Microsoft Sharepoint + Microsoft Office + Yammer versus IBM Connections which is a single software installation that has more social functionality than all three Micrsoft packages together – and see what you get for your money.

Then you will see why IBM has been ranked the world leading social software for enterprise vendor five years in a row by IDC, and is the leader of all ranking lists from analyst companies like Gartner, Forrester and many others.

Have a look at the video and you will see that IBM Connections has better social integration with Microsoft than Microsoft has between their own products.

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