IBM giving free access for external users of IBM Connections 5.0

Social Collaboration Tools for Enterprise is not only for internal use. They are also meant to help you be more effective when collaborating with your external contacts.

But most vendors make you pay also for external users. When you choose Microsoft Sharepoint or Microsoft Yammer the external users (or you) have to pay for their accounts.

This is not so for the cloud solution IBM SmartCloud for Social Business or the newly released on premise software IBM Connections 5.0. In both these cases external users do not have to buy an account to get access. As a user of either of the two IBM solutions you can invite as many external users as you want into free guest accounts. Giving them access to more or less everything you may want to invite them into.

Have a look at how this works in the newly released IBM Connections 5.0 in this video. Enjoy!


  1. Is there any information whether the ability to share files to external users is also available for IBM Connection Files and Profiles free entitlement for Notes / Domino 9.0.1 ?


    1. This won’t be possible since external users are limited to access communities they’re a member of and the free entitlement users aren’t allowed to use communities.


      1. @Oliver, I am using a SmartCloud Demo account and have the ability to share files (personal files) to external users. I am wondering if this ability is also available for the free entitlement since personal files is allowed on free entitlement, right ?

        AFAIK, SmartCloud features is on par with Connection 5.


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