Having a client meeting but forgot your laptop? Trust your iPad with IBM Connections!

I left my home office last week to join my colleagues at the headquarter 1,5 hours drive away. Arriving at the headquarter I discovered that I had forgotten my laptop at home. Normally that would arouse a panic feeling being helpless being totally without a work tool. But did I panic? No.

I fortunately had my iPad mini with a Logitech keyboard with me. With that tiny little tool and some of my social collaboration apps from IBM it was business as usual. I used IBM Connections, IBM SameTime, IBM Meetings as usual. Even our own version of SugarCRM (Sales Connect) is implemented as an app on my iPad.

I am a mobile worker, my office is where my body happens to be, I have my office in my hand and in my head. Easy as that. There are only a few things I need my laptop to do, things I don’t have to do very often. 75 % of all my work I can do on my iPad or iPhone. Just have a look at the video below and you see what I mean.