I was wrong: Email will not die, but like everything else it will change. Soon, very soon…

For years I have been traveling around preaching on emails death. Now I have to admit I was wrong all the time. Because email is a great way to send messages even if it’s not fast enough and efficient enough for todays need for speed in execution of our jobs.

Therefore email has to change. It has to become more than only an in/out box of messages. Millions of people misuse email for everything they need to communicate, even though picking up the phone is faster. And by using email the wrong way they get more and more unproductive.

So email has to change. It has to get more functionality to help us focus on the important things and remove the unimportant things. It must help us focus and not spam us with information we don’t need to get our necessary things done. I did a 20 minute speech about this on TEDx with a lot of tips on how you can “do less and get more done”.

So email has to change. It has to become a productivity tool, not solely a communication tool. My friend and colleague, Louis Richardson, has a great presentation of how email might become in the future. The very near future!