After 2068 blogpost I am celebrating my fifth year on WordPress!

anniversary-1xThis blog is celebrating it’s fifth year on WordPress. But before that I used a Lotus Quickr server under my desk, before I moved the blog to BlogSpot in the cloud. Then I found WordPress and we have been a steady couple since then.

The blog has changed formats, languages, layouts and names during the years. In the beginning it was called “MyNotesBlog” and you will experience that the old url is still active and redirects you to “The Nielsen Chronicle” on

I also changed my blogging language from Norwegian to English to get more international readers and that increased the number of readers and got me readers all over the world – from USA to Uzbekistan. More than 150 national flags shows up on my viewers list. Most of them come from USA and Norway in more or less equal numbers, while Germany is rated number three with approximately half of the viewers than USA and Norway.

Since I started using WordPress in february 2012 I have published 2063 blogposts spread over six categories. But then the blogpost from my Lotus Quickr and BlogSpot period is not counted. As I remember there were approximately 1200 blogpost there.

The most popular categories are News, Social Business and Productivity – in that order. As a former news reporter I still believe in the value of hot news and would like to think of my blog as a news channel for my readers.

So, now to You my dear reader! What would you like to see on this blog? Things you want me to write about? Things you want me to do differently? I will listen to you and try to improve whatever you might want me to improve.

Let me hear from you!

Sincerely Yours


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