Webcast: How to improve your productivity in less than 60 minutes!

af2a06e107f1e6c58f1117fc6e1021410ebefdd4Feeling that your work is going slow and productivity needs to improve? Believing that moving from IBM to Microsoft will do the trick and make you more efficient? Maybe this webcast will turn your ideas upside down and show you what productivity on the IBM platform really is about.

Join Mat Newman and Oliver Heinz for Community News, a preview some fantastic upcoming Community Events and a brief ConnectED 2015 review.

Main attraction will be Mat’s presentation where he explains everything behind the ‘AWESOMENESS that is IBM NOTES captured in one screen’. We will hear a special version of his famous #UserBlast session, that has been one of the most popular ones at ConnectED for several years and keeps getting better with the latest version of IBM Notes

EVERYTHING you need to know about increasing productivity within your workplace in less than 60 minutes! Mat Newman will show you how to Harness the explosive energy of IBM’s tightly integrated Collaboration Solutions, enhance your utilisation of existing traditional document editors and RELEASE THE POWER of your employees by understanding how only IBM has the unique capabilities to truly deliver on the benefits of a Socially driven productivity revolution. Ensure you get your annual injection of Information and Enthusiasm to take back to your workplace to energise yourself and your users, don’t miss #UserBlast!

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