How To Use Email To Transform How We Work

hand touching touch pad, social media conceptToday we use too much time working in our mail boxes searching for information. Some analysts says that we use more or less 28 hours a week working with email. That is in fact nearly three full workdays. So we simply must find a new way to work!

Social tools, and mobile and cloud technologies have significantly changed the expectations of consumers about mail, social interaction and other collaboration tools. We bring these expectations to the workplace. While at work, many of us experience significant information overload from disconnected applications built for an earlier era. When it comes to the technology we use, we want our work experiences to mirror the slick experiences we have in our personal lives, while our organizations want tools with company-wide security and scalability.

Carolyn Pampino, IBM, has published and article about his in Forbes. It is a must read! Here is the link!