1. Arne, slide 32 says “500K IBMers to Verse by end of year”. It would be great if they would blog the plans for how to accomplish such a significant migration in such a short period of time. I’m sure there will be many lessons learned that would be good to share with the community. It’s rare to find such a commitment to such a large migration in such a short time frame. I do hope they publish a Redbook or equivalent.

  2. @Eric I think that the migration is very simple, because it looks like IBM verse is only a new UI to the good old IBM Notes mail database. So when your users are on iNotes the upgrade will be a simple install on the servers. If your users are cloud user the upgrade is even simpler.

  3. Ralf, it’s not the technical side of migration that I am as concerned about as much as the human side. An organization can force whatever technology systems on people they want. The real important issue is adoption. I’m curious to see how IBM will manage driving adoption to 400,000 users so that this Verse deployment achieves the success they anticipate.

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