My last working day with IBM ended with success: My customer decided to move from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Verse!

Yes, today was my last working day with IBM. After sixteen years as a yellow and blue evangelist within collaboration and social business I finally decided to take an early retirement. 

And the day ended in great splendor as my very last customer meeting ended up with the customer deciding to leave Microsoft Outlook and move to IBM Verse in the cloud. The migration will start already this week. I smiled all the way home, my badge left at IBM, knowing that I may enjoy a month long summer vacation before I start up my new project.

Enjoy summer, everyone! August will bring exiting news!


  1. What a final day, well done that man. Just need to keep repeating the success. Its good that you talk about it. The problem is that we who love Notes and are at the sharp end, hardly ever see the success’s just here about the failures. Have a great break.


  2. Arne,

    I’m curious to know how the customer likes Verse after switching from Outlook.

    Another blog post??

    Best Regards, Eric

    Eric Mack Founder, Principal Consultant


    Equipping the 21st Century Knowledge Worker


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