My new life outside IBM: – Gone walking the dogs!

Me (with the cap) and from left; Mia, Emmy, Charlie. Three nice dachshounds.

– What are you going to do when you retire two years ahead of time, I was asked by my colleagues in the Norwegian IBM Social Business Unit. – How will you cope after 15 years of intense engagement into social business?

And I told them this:

– I will go walking with my best friend Charlie. And then I will start my own consulting company, Brainworker, where I will work with what is still a burning flame in my heart. Collaboration, sharing and interaction between open minded, forward leaning, forward thinking and social focused people. In other words: Business as usual.

Now the first month as a retired IBM’er I have used the first month walking my dog Charlie, my step daughters puppy Mia and my sisters dog Emmy (see picture). And I am learning something new from them every day. Not only about dogs, but about myself, about interaction and coordination, about humility and respect, about trusting my instincts and about basing my decisions on what I see and what I smell – not on what I believe I see – not on feelings and emotions only, but bad on what I actually see.

I have spent 6 – 7 hours a day in actively interaction with the dogs. Walking them 5 – 6 times a day, my activity tracker tells me I am doing very well and exceeding my number of steps goal every day. And my digital scale tells me I am loosing nearly half a kilo every day.

But I have also worked when I have felt for it. (The good thing is that I don’t need to work as I live well from my pension). I have prepared my new consulting business, registering the company, set up the infrastructure, prepared my product-line, my consultancy service, got my business cards printed, got my mouse mats produced, set up a prospects list, established a combined company website and blog in Norwegian and prepared some newsletters. I have also tested out some CRM solutions, but have concluded that I will build my own solution using OmniFocus, Evernote and IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse email – these are after all my favorite work tools and available on all my devices.

So ahead is a week of more dog walking and dog training, then a week with one of my grand children. Then – in the second week of august – I will be back in business, except that this time I will be my own man.