Farewell to Microsoft Office 365

Today I stopped my subscription on Microsoft Office 365. Why? And what do I use instead?

Skjermbilde 2015-07-26 kl. 22.50.26About six months ago I worked a lot with other people that used Microsoft Excel for some reason. I got some problems converting some formulas and functions to other spreadsheets. So I made the decision to personally buy Microsoft Office for my iMac to make things easier for myself being a personal productivity addict. So, I ordered Microsoft Office 365 as well because I wanted to test out Microsofts online collaboration alternative.

What happened? It seemed that in my work situation the only thing I needed was Microsoft Excel. The other stuff like Word and Powerpoint I found was more complex than I really needed and slowed down my production. I found that Apples Pages and Keynote was far better tools for my use.

Then what about the collaboration tools in Microsoft Office 365? Collaboration? What collaboration? I found Office 365 to be a very “skinny” collaboration tool. Office 365 does not do anything that a lot of other tools on the market can do. Sharing documents? I can get that for free.

But what about discussion databases? What about blogs? What about simultaneous document editing between several editors (yes, they say it is there, but it really isn’t in true time case the other editors have to push their save button before I can see their text). And what about sharing documents with comments through the whole enterprise? Not available. You have to copy the docs into different sites.

What about project management – especially in collaboration with external collaborators outside the company? Externals that does not have the same software or have nothing more than a web browser.

What about web meetings with externals? What about communities both internal and external? What about this and what about that…

And there was the pricing. Office 365 is more expensive and less functional than other stuff I am using, partly free and partly paid for.

What I am using? In my daily work with my new company, Brainworker I use IBM Connections Cloud S1. In one single package it has a lot more functionality than Office 365. To get the same functions with Office 365 you have to buy even more stuff like Yammer, Sharepoint, Lync (now Skype for Business). All similar functions are included in IBM Connections Cloud S1. And you even pay less per user per month.

Privately I use the office package that comes with iOS from Apple, like Keynote, Pages and Numbers. I use Evernote for a lot of stuff and I use OmniFocus for planning and task management.

It all ended up with this reason:

– Why pay for something you don’t use because you have all this stuff already, both cheaper and better.

So I cancelled my subscription and saved myself some money!


  1. If your current employer has Connections it would not make sense to also be paying for O365 as they provide similar functionality. But if you are trying to make a serious unbiased comparison between the two you would be very well served to get a better understanding about the two products. Connections Cloud S1 costs around $10 per month per user, O365 E1 costs around $8 per month per user. O365 E1 includes Skype for Business, Sharepoint, Yammer etc. in that price so there is NOT a need to purchase additional software as you are suggesting.


    1. If you check out both systems in detail you will see that functions are not similar. The social functions are much wider and opens the whole enterprise in a far better way than when you integrate SharePoint, Skype and the rest. I bought a one user License of both systems – Skype for Biz and SharePoint was not included in my version. If it is correct that the version you say is cheaper than Connections, then it should be so because there are more functions in Connections – more value for money. Besides, Connections have far better Mobile Solutions.


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